Ramazan 17 1435

17th Shehrullah il Moazzam 1435; Karachi

Indeed time is an entity which continues without halt. Try we may but we couldn’t hold time for any reason. To halt it and treasure it for a lifetime is what every momin of Karachi wished today. But, alas! We surrendered and let our dear Maula TUS leave us for Mumbai today. Today the 17th of Shehrullah il Moazzam, Maula Aali Qadr TUS bid adieu to the momineen of Karachi after a stay of 7 days in Karachi-Pakistan. From the young to the old every momin from the nook and cranny of the country was gathered today at the Yousufi Masjid to catch a one last glimpse of their 53rd Dai ul Mutlaq who is the representative of Imam uz Zaman in the world.

The Fajr namaz was as per the ritual offered at the Adam Masjid , while zohr and asr was prayed in the Tahiri Masjid. Yousufi Mohallah got the fortune of the farewell of Maula TUS along with the magrib and isha namaz. The sullenness in the environment was evident for every heart was heavy with the farewell that was set ahead. Nevertheless taking pride in the fortune of our fates; we with much contentment and peace let our dear father leave us for Mumbai today.

May Maula TUS visit Karachi and bless us time and again, and may He stay in health in the cool shade of Raudhat Tahera till the very last day.

Ramazan 08 1435

An Eid Before Eid

The air crackles with anticipation. Masajids twinkle with strings of fairy lights and echo with the melodies of Madeh. Children gather to recite Surats of Quran and Qasaid. It is as if Eid has arrived. Yet, it is only the 10th But, it ‘is’ the eve of Eid. The eve when Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS—the Haqiqi Hilal- is to bless Karachi with Aqdaam Tahera. This is reminiscent of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA era when Hayyul Muqaddas Maula RA used to bless Ahle Walae Karachi with the Sharaf of Shehrullah Ayyaam.

Messages inundate mobile inboxes regarding updates of Namaz and wajebaat bethaks . Momineen of Karachi offer Sajadaat u Shukr on this incomparable naimat when they will be able to offer Wajebaat to Huzoorala TUS personally. Every momin wishes to be blessed with this opportunity at least once in a lifetime, but most are unable to do so, left with just a yearning in the heart. However, Maula TUS has granted each heart his deepest desire by coming in our midst so that we may hear the Kalema of ‘Khuda Barakat Aapay’ from Hazrat Imamiyah Nooraniyah TUS. It is this Kalema which will cleanse us, multiply our wealth and give us success as well as peace of mind.

May we be able to reap the maximum benefits of the showers which will fall on us and revive us in these blessed days of Shehrullah 1435 Hijri.

Ramazan 08 1435

Shehrullah il Moazzam; Karachi, 1435

As I had said, its anticipation that is the word and not anxiety. Today the anticipation of this holy month has multiplied many folds for the announcement of the heavenly arrivals and the blessings of Allah has yet again been promised to the fortunate city of Karachi beyond any measurement, calculation or the capacity to comprehend.

All of us had been anticipating the ability to justify the holiness, godliness and significance of the month of Shehrullah il Moazzam, but none of us had ever anticipated that how lavishly we could be blessed…

How lavishly the fortunes of our fates would be apparent in the dark dusky world when our dreams will materialize, when we will witness the Dai of Imam uz Zaman, the mohibbat of Lail at ul Qadr, 53 rd Dai ul Mutlaq Maula Aali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin TUS bless us with his nazar e rehmat and the salami which could make even the angels in heaven envious of the fate of the momineen in this world.

So I say anticipation it is while we count each and every moment till the day Maula TUS bestows his divine presence on the ever blessed land of Karachi. Yes, blessed we are for the Duat Mutlaqeen has definitely showered the momineen of Karachi time and again beyond their expectations and their limited realms of anticipation.

So while we anticipate for the ceasless bounties to be showered on us and the will to expand our little; but vessels of love to amass as much barakat as we could, let us all pray that may Allah grant our wish time and again and may generations after generations the momineen worldwide anticipate the arrival of Maula Aali Qadr TUS till the day the world remains to exist.


Mubarak to Ahle wala e Karachi-Pakistan!